Thursday, August 31, 2006

Links of Interest

In this section I will post some interesting/useful links I encounter, as I travel around the Web.
  • Computer Gaming World downloads - Backissues of this magazine are now officially available for download in PDF format.
  • Multiple Pagerank Checker - check Google pageranks for up to 100 domains at a time.
  • AOL Keyword Tool - This tool allows you to see which keyword people use to find any given site. Keeping in mind that AOL search results are currently provided by Google, this could be useful indeed.
  • Digital Point Forum Spy - DP forum is an excellent place for webmaster discussion. The Spy tool is a unique way to use the forum - the new messages smoothly scroll into the page you are viewing, without apparent reloading of the site.
  • Unusual Yahoo Submission - Some guy at Digital Point forums is offering a $60 Yahoo Directory submit. Nobody knows how he does it and whether it's legit, but apparently he's indeed getting sites listed.
  • Microsoft ContentAds - MSN is beta testing a context-sensitive ad system, potential competitor to AdSense and YPN.
  • Google TV advertising - Software will listen to TV playing in the background, analyze it and display relevant ads on the website.


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